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We are a small but successful kennel in the South West  of  Melbourne Victoria
All dogs are members of the family and enjoy swimming and having fun with us.
We live in Hoppers Crossing.

We were introduced to this wonderful breed in 1988.

We obtained our 1st Golden boy Fernfall Free Spirit (Bobby) in 1989 from Jane Fall.

Our second Goldie Fernfall Love Affair (Kimba) also came from Jane and she became the start of some wonderful things to follow.

We have now headed in a slightly different direction with the the help of Liz Molnar from Dobro Kennels in NSW, we have been able to introduce some of the best English ,Finnish & Swedish lines into our kennel.

We are members of :

The Golden Retriever Club Of Victoria

The Golden Retriever Club of Tasmania

The UK Golden Retriever Club

The Victorian Canine Association

Our dogs are hip & elbow scored, hold heart and current eye certificates. All testing is done by specialists in their

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Sharney Marmo
Hoppers Crossing.
Victoria. Australia 3029
Phone : (03) 9974
Mob: 0411765185 
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Last Updated 12/12/2008